Welcome to NewApologetics.com, a New Apologetics for a New Evangelization.

Our mission in developing the content of a New Apologetics is to reach out, as Cardinal Francis George has written, “with the faith that comes to us from the apostles, without compromises that would contravene the dignity and vocation of beings made in the image of a self-giving God.”

It is our hope that what is to be presented here will become the ignition point of a renewal in theology and philosophy of religion.

All contributors to NewApologetics.com are loyal to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, but our methodology in dialoging with those who do not share the faith is strictly limited to using well-accepted principles of reason without appeal to authority.

The content of NewApologetics.com will always be open to respectful and rational critique from all sources.

Our work is under the patronage of┬áSaint Therese of Lisieux who tasted the “bread of sorrow” in solidarity with unbelievers, and who, from that place of communion with her atheist brothers and sisters, prayed for divine light.