“Everyone do yourself a favor and check out ‘New Apologetics’ Facebook page. It is by far the best Catholic Apologetics page for dialoguing with atheists/agnostics on the internet. The contributors take sometimes a week or so to respond, but their level of reasoning/philosophy is simply unparalleled.” –Jay 
“I am a militant atheist, but this is my favorite Christian site. I feel New Apologetics has opened a very grounded, reasonable forum for level headed discussion on both sides…keep up the good work!” –Tom
“I must say you guys are like a breath of fresh air from the Apologist community. Your respectful and understanding nature towards Atheists & Agnostics is worthy of respect, instead of the disdain we show most Apologists. While mainstream Protestant Apologists treat us as Satanists in disguise, you treat us as what we are, people in search of truth and understanding of things greater than ourselves. Even though our respective searches have led us in opposing directions. For this, I thank you.” – Tim
“From what I have sampled, this site is offering a brilliant, (as in extremely intelligent) dignified (as in respectful) simply amazing information and conversation.” – Juliana
“Hi, I just wanted to say….although I’m an agnostic atheist, I find your page very intriguing. I also appreciate your “welcoming” attitude towards people who don’t share your beliefs. This is actually a quality that I missed in many interactions I had with religious people. I also appreciate the high standard of input you give. It’s very philosophical and you guys make a true effort to engage with people in a very rational way, without ephemeral religious drivel and without ad hominem attacks. Good job! I’ll be in touch in due course.” – Patrick
“Have been reading through some of your posts and have been marveling at the light and love and serenity that comes from them. I grew up in the Catholic Church of “Do this or you are going to hell,” and I feel so disconnected from the current church… With this site it seems that the overwhelming love of God–something I feel we can never comprehend it is so great and beyond our mental capabilities–is what is emphasized.” – Bridget
“Your messages draw me closer to God… If what you say is the true message of Christ (and the Father and the Holy Spirit) then we may have reconciled Bible and Vedas. Some day I would like to meet you and pay my obeisances to you and personally hand you Bhagavad Gita.” – Ankit
I posted this article and one of my husband’s aunts read it. The comment she sent to me was ‘Great article… There may be hope for the Catholic Church (in my mind) after all…’ Quite a comment from someone who left the Church 40 years ago!” – Sue
“Thanks so much for answering the previous reply with love rather than invective. Too often, when dissenting voices attack us, we are tempted to attack back with what I would consider ‘evil’ intent. Rather than meeting her insults with insults – like they do on talk shows – you chose to exemplify the same principle on which God operates. God bless you, for I am often unable to react as generously, and I stand properly ‘chastised.’” – Bill
“[Your article, “The Theodicy of Divine Chastity, Part I”] is the best I have ever seen regarding the questions that many people have about human suffering… If you’ve ever had questions regarding the difficult issue of suffering, or if you’ve had other people ask you some challenging questions about it, I hope you will read this excellent article from New Apologetics.”  – Theresa
“The above apologetic is the the most intelligent expository of the doctrine of [the] atonement I’ve ever read. Virtually all explanations regarding [the atonement] are based on the same kindergarten level of a twisted theological worldview… The above is a perfect integration of compassion and non-condemnation…” – David
This explanation is amazing! The main idea of ‘evil, pain, or suffering as a means to some end…’ has been preached in every philosophy class I’ve ever attended, and it always seemed inadequate. …What an eye opener!” Jerry
I shared this article in my facebook page with my simple statement ‘WOW.’ Truly this article blew me away. Thank you… I am a lawyer who is experiencing some sort of a ‘renaissance’ in my Catholic faith and I am very interested in theological and catechetical study (I am bored with the law already) and I would love to actively join in the discussions in the future. In the meantime, all I can say right now is that I love this site! Congratulations and more power!” – Oliver
“I originally read the article to help my wife with the struggle she has with the evil in the world… I found this explanation very informative and accurate….. I will keep on reading.” – Jeff
“I say Blessed be to you and the world to greet you, welcome you into my company and wish for you that you remember who you are and are meant to be.” – Jomil
“Wow! [Your Christmas prayer] is the truest most powerful prayer I’ve ever come across I suppose.” – Mannan
“Just wanted to extend a thank you to all you guys who have responded favourably to my post and have refrained from sending or wishing me to hell and labeling me as a confused basket case without purpose and morals. Thx guys and all the best to you.” – Patrick
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“Thank you for dealing with the question of celebacy among the priesthood. I have learned something new.” – Matt
“It just seems to me the the evil one – satan is in the internet… And then I see your site, and some of the questions or remarks remind me of the story of the devil – evil one – challenging Jesus in the desert. Testing patience and challenging our faith. This confirms my belief in my Catholic religion when I see it.  And I love it!” – Kathy
“Catholics! hello! lol ……Intensely live and spread the Faith!” – Omar

“I loved talking to you guys on twitter. Very all around accepting of those with differing views. You are one of the few apologists I can talk to without rolling my eyes. As an Agnostic Atheist I give my stamp of approval to you guys.” – Tim 
“Thank you for the eloquent explanation. God bless you & your mission for our Lord’s kingdom. I look forward to the upcoming series on this topic.” – Shpresa

New Apologetics, you are right. I’ve been reading stuff from on here and you guys seem pretty solid. I apologize for the rant. I’ll be checking in more often, I can learn a lot from you.” – Mervin
“This is so ‘Read and Re-Readable'” – James
“This is so awesome!” – Steve
“amen and amen HE will accept me too i guess” – Faith
“Love it.” – Lumen
“How beautiful!” – Richard
“I want to print this beautiful prayer and meditate on it in front of the Blessed Sacrament…”  – Alex
“I am making this my [facebook] status. god bless!” – Hope
“A profound blend of humility, faith, and love.” – Ron
“Once again well put. With out having ever met you, I feel a kinship in heart , mind , and spirit. It is so good to know that there are others out there that share the same convictions and are not fooled by smoke and mirrors…” – Rachel
“I really needed this this Christmas actually. Thanks.” – Brandon 
“That’s beautiful, I’m gong to add to my daily prayers thank-you” – Lynn
“an inspirational thought for self analysis in the presence of GOD….an awesome, awesome humility……” – Bob
“Amen i say to thee, insipiring indeed” – Ronnie
“this is a great site, it’s good to share these with fellow catholics, thanks for sharing.” – Rey
“thank you; you touched my spirit.” – Consolacion
“A hope for mankind.” – Karen
“Wow — this is so powerful! And so appropriate for people like me!” – Peggy
“Wow…..very inspired….” – Nicole
“I did not know of Saint Therese of Lisieux, so thank you, though what caught my attention and my ‘like’ button, was the phrase ‘who tasted the “bread of sorrow” in solidarity with unbelievers, and who, from that place of communion with her atheist brothers and sisters, prayed for divine light.’ …heaven knows enough voices are out there against such beliefs so it is refreshing and spiritually strengthening to come across the tone of you work, and to like your page. God bless you.” – Russo
“May Adonai Bless this page in The Name of Y’Shua! Hallelu Yah,thx people” – Sharon
“To those who started this page – THANK YOU SO MUCH! I converted 1990, from a family that never had any kind of religious beliefs my whole life. So being the only Catholic in this family I get quizzed quite frequently about the different issue – but mostly about Mother Mary. I do try to answer to the best of my knowledge, and biting my tongue til it bleeds. Now with you here it is good to know I can get answers.” – Kathy
“To the maker of this page… God bless you….
I’m sure God is smiling down at you…
For the glory of God indeed!!!!” – Sheryll
“Thank you for the response. Now I have a better way of explaining to others my discernment to the consecrated life. God bless you always.” – Kathleen 
“The best way to defend the Catholic Truth.” – Josh
“So am I correct in understanding that this is a site for serious and civil discussions about God and/or Christianity?” – Maureen
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“Hey, I just learned about this page and I’m very interested in what you have to offer intellectually. I’m an atheist and I’m just wondering if we could engage in a dialogue in regards to certain aspects of a theistic Christian God.”  – Jesus
“Thank you for providing a page for Christians of all background.” – Shelby
“May the Good Lord bless this site with His Divine Light and through the Holy Spirit attract souls for God’s crowning glory. Amen.” – Celso
“Thank you for being bold enough in faith to be here.” – Cheryl
“May you last forever in the glory of the Lord.” – Forrest
“New Apologetics, in reading your response, I find several points which exactly describe portions of my grief journey which I have not been able to understand or articulate.” – Anne
“A beautiful and eloquent account with the utmost respect towards people is my definition to your article [“The Theodicy of Divine Chastity, Part I”] – Lucy
“I can’t stand to listen to [Christian apologists/debaters] anymore… New Apologetics, thank you. I realize you are coming from a far different place. – Jeffrey
“This page is great! It really shows the problems of misunderstanding in the church and elsewhere.”  – Jesse
“Great page! Im agnostic but fascinated…” – Kieron
“First of all, I would like to say that you are very brave to have made this page. God has truly gifted you with great courage and wisdom to do such a thing.” – Kathleen
“Are atheists who promise to be polite welcome?” – Jeffrey 
I’m glad you’re here. Glory to God for your timely appearance. O holy life-giving suffering of our Christ, be praised… Thank you for your fellowship and brotherhood, and the temperance you breathe for the disengaged.” – Joseph