Spiritual Riches

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“This is an original poem by New Apologetics, reposted here from where it first appeared on our Facebook page.  Please continue to check our Facebook page for additional content, as new poems and prayers will usually appear there first. We include the poem here as an artistic representation of the theology of the Church as it has been, is, and always will be.”


Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 9.26.25 AMWhat kind of man, Zacchaeus,
Wealthy sinner
Knowing God to be
His enemy
To meet the Lord, to know that all
Was well
Gave half away, along with four times what he stole
His poverty was filled.

A rich young man, godly from youth
Wealthy in works
Knowing God to be
His property
To meet the Lord, to know that all
Was dust
Gave sorrowful leave, mourning his many riches
His poverty was exposed.

Then I should fear perhaps
For do I know I am a sinner?
Or is my wealth of such a nature that it be
Required of me?

For in myself I see
Something of the Pharisee
I like my place of honor in the minds of those who Know.

If that indeed be so,
How will I ever let it go?

The rich young man walked off so sad.
Did he ever assent?
‘For a rich man may enter to heaven more hardly
Than a camel might pass through a needle’s eye.’

My soul would trouble me, and I believe that I would fear
But that human consent brought the God of heaven into a human womb
To be born inside a stable room.
And surely a camel, drawn in with Him who made himself so small
Has nothing to fear from that little eye.


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