Why was Limbo scrapped by the Pope?

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I have a question regarding Limbo. Why was it scrapped by the current Pope? I was just curious because this particular doctrine had been there since I was born. It’s the very reason why newborn babies are being “forced” to be baptized for the fear of being brought to this place when they die without having gone through the process. So please tell me [or us], honestly, why the sudden shift and change? Btw, I searched the whole bible and yes, the Pope is right, there is no such place as “limbo” anywhere in the holy book.

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  • New Apologetics The notion of limbo was never Church doctrine. It was a mere speculation of theologians in answer to the question about the fate of unbaptized babies. The Church does not officially teach on the matter, but the recognition of the infinite justice of God brings about the conclusion that God would not fail to provide the grace necessary to save an unbaptized child. God wills that none be lost, and he is very good at what he does.