What makes us Right with God?

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What makes us right with God?

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  • New Apologetics It is only by being transformed by the Holy Spirit to become one with Christ that we are made right with God. We can explain in depth according to your interest.
  • New Apologetics Gareth Northam We have censored your comments because of their negative tone, but we would like to continue the discussion if you are willing. Please feel free to ask your questions again in a respectful way.
  • Paul Cameron Gareth..becoming a full blown catholic??
  • Gareth Northam Religion doesn’t work. Whether Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Muslim or Sikh or whatever, religion is worthless. Religion is works. It is trying to earn God’s favour. Religion is our own righteous acts based on our merits. “If I perform certain religious duties I will be right with God” ? The Bible tells us that our own righteousness is like filthy menstrual rags. And we can’t earn righteousness. It is freely given to us by God when we accept Christ. It’s all about grace.
  • New Apologetics Gareth Northam What you wrote above is the official position of the Catholic Church. We are not saved by religion, works, or any act of earning God’s favor. We are saved by the grace of God and our simple acceptance of his gift to us.