What is New Apologetics? Why do we preach?

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  • New Apologetics We work to address questions and objections to the Catholic faith in a way that fully respects the questioner. This respect proceeds (by God’s grace) from genuine recognition of and agreement with everything that is true, good and beautiful in the other person and with their non-Catholic worldview. This respect is not a strategic stance, and it cannot be faked as a means to an end. That which attracts another to their non-Catholic view is, in every case, what is true about that view. The Catholic faith is the integration of all of these truths into a coherent whole such that one does not diminish another.

    We are not trying to win an argument, but are trying to set people free to become fully alive. We preach, not to gain converts to a religion, but to share the good news that God has made a way for us to all to receive the happiness which we thought to be impossible.