(The Ordinary Discourse)

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“This is an original poem by New Apologetics, reposted here from where it first appeared on our Facebook page.  Please continue to check our Facebook page for additional content, as new poems and prayers will usually appear there first. We include the poem here as an artistic representation of the theology of the Church as it has been, is, and always will be.”

(The Ordinary Discourse)

Thoughtful he sits
Recounting something
He watches, as if an observer
Something long, long ago
A young mother
Saying something, doing something
And a little boy

In telling any of his story
The heavy presence
Of this unspoken past
Informs all the rest
More than he can know
Yet also he knows it;
It is the palette with which he paints

Little knew the mother
As she went about
Doing all of what was ordinary
That she was being watched so
That all she said and did
Were impressed
Upon one such as herself

An adult lives with you, parents
Take note of your role
And keep always in mind
That he with whom you play
And he whom you comfort
Is really a man
When he was a boy