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This is an original poem by New Apologetics, reposted here from where it first appeared on our Facebook page.  Please continue to check our Facebook page for additional content, as new poems and prayers will usually appear there first. We include the poem here as an artistic representation of the theology of the Church as it has been, is, and always will be.


Upon some altar
I offer my success
Bring my beauty here
My harvest best
Firstfruits without mark or spot
In giving what I have
I expect the best
After all
What I have done is good
I offer it well.

I, too, offer what I have
It is also without blemish
No mark or spot
I give it freely
Not what I offer, but what I am
‘Tis slain, that which I place upon the stone
Its life reflects my own
As I will die, my goods will rot away
So I offer this in faith
It is all I have
I offer death.

Ah, bitter
When his was lifted up
My birthright was found wanting
Triumph rebuffed
What I gave was not enough
My offering will spoil
Despite my toil
My success into the ground
I will ensure
That there, it’s not the only thing that’s found
I must destroy
That which steals my joy
Steals my self-reflection
And will then preserve my goodness intact
Without his gift to counteract
To speak an accusation
No eloquence of death
Will rob my worldly goods of joy
I am not poor
And I am strong
So he would offer death?
So be it.

Oh, Death!
You are not the less bitter
For all my offering
For heaven’s vengeance does it cry
And yet…
It must be vengeance of a form that does not die
A stain, a blot-
No, blemished not
To let his act remain an evil
Indictment of the Plan
A sacrifice more complete than mine
An offering to harmonize
My Death
And the fruits of his success
Might not they be the same
If One were to make it so?
My brother’s offering -somehow- made complete in mine?
So harken to what I would bequeath:
That since I must be the victim
He may be high priest
I expire in hope
That the One to whom I offered Death
Will take it to Himself
And the offering of Abel
And the offering of Cain
Both unchanged
Will also be the same
And neither will have been
In vain.


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