Glory Be

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“This is an original poem by New Apologetics, reposted here from where it first appeared on our Facebook page.  Please continue to check our Facebook page for additional content, as new poems and prayers will usually appear there first. We include the poem here as an artistic representation of the theology of the Church as it has been, is, and always will be.”


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Thorn in my flesh, splinter of Satan, this.
Token of Death’s faithfulness
Equal happy to accuse
Or to abuse
Its will, unlike my own, is unconflicted.

Though the good be sound within my soul
Once action takes its toll
Sprouting up to hinder, to delay
My good will to defray
My own will works against itself.

It chokes the seed whose fruit a hundred-fold endow
Yet tares it will allow
Until I might despair
Of my field, which ought be fair
And my hope that a treasure be found grows cold.

And yet, this thorn which does so fret
And endless weariness beget
Plunged into flesh
That fronted death
And seized the marks of shame as if of glory.

My thorn
I hold it hallowed to be borne
My sin the same to me
As it was to He
And my joy can be complete
Because now it only means
I look like Him.



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