what doctrine is the background of this web page???

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  • New Apologetics We are fully loyal to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

  • Paul Cameron so does that mean that the teachings of a non denominational christian church,that teach only from scripture are wrong?
  • New Apologetics Paul Cameron Nathaniel Ellis By affirming the teachings of the Catholic Church as true, we do not thereby reject as entirely wrong the teachings of a non-denominational Christian church. We would just say that these teachings are not as complete as they could be, and the gaps will be felt by anyone seeking God given a long enough time. Further, we would say that because the problem is one of *incompleteness* rather than abject falsehood, it follows that one who is holding the incomplete truth need not give up anything they hold, but need only simply receive *more* of what they already love and hold sacred. The error is to think that there is something that the Catholic Church teaches that undermines that which is good and beautiful in some other (non-Catholic) way of seeing things. In every case, without exception, that stance is based on a deep misunderstanding of what the Church is really teaching. We can discuss specific examples if you want to bring up a topic that seems to you to be a dividing point between the Catholic Church and other denominations or ideologies.
  • Placido De Jose II we should always remember that sacred scripture is part and parcel of the living tradition of the believing community – sacred scripture is a written tradition… before it was put into text, it was handed down orally from one generation to another… …See More
  • Paul Cameron what do you mean incomplete?is there some other text outside the 66 books that is necessary to be complete?
  • Paul Cameron entirely wrong..but any part of wrong is not acceptable to God therefore not good. many of my catholic family are not in the knowledge of scripture..so is it the church that makes them complete in the eyes of God? they tell me they are good and that is enough.doesnt the acceptance of Jesus as personal LORD and saviour make us complete in the eyes of our Father
  • Paul Cameron and what are these” gaps” that i need to bring to the attention of my non cathiloic family
  • Placido De Jose II so what makes u right and complete? To keep on debating ang asserting 
    yourself as true and we are wrong, and forget the basic teaching of christianity to love… I love you brother… I am just telling and sharing what i believe… God is love and this is the basic truth that we need to know… The basic truth contained in scripture… And it was handed to me through tradition… From the love of my mother of those people who made sacred scripture alive to me in all their acts of loving. God is love and anyone who lives in love, lives in God and God lives in him. That’s all. I love you!
  • Omar Henriquez Paul Cameron SAID: what do you mean incomplete?is there some other text outside the 66 books that is necessary to be complete?

    Just want to mention that there are 73 books, not 66.
  • Paul Cameron im sorry, i only know genisis to revelation..
  • Paul Cameron i never said anyone was wrong. that is why i ask questions.to gain truth that maybe you have that i do not.
  • Placido De Jose II thank u brother paul for such humility… I do admire it…
    Always remember, there is 
    only one absolute truth that cannot be disputed, fulfilled by the incarnation, passion, death and ressurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, preached by angels, apost…See More
  • Placido De Jose II Deus Caritas Est… This is the basic teaching of the ”Universal Church.”
  • New Apologetics Paul Cameron You wrote: “and what are these” gaps” that i need to bring to the attention of my non cathiloic family”

    We reply: Please give a short summary of the “good news” of the gospel as you presently understand it. We will then offer a very brief summary of ours.

    One very important thing to note: If you were ever to become Catholic, you would not have to renounce that which attracts you to your current position. The fullness of the gospel we are talking about can only *add* to what you are already holding. Every single beautiful and desirable aspect of your current position is what is *true* about it, and would remain itself in an undiminished way. Any changes to your stance would be an unexpected amplification of what you already know and love about Jesus. We’ll explain according to your interest.
  • Brian T. Goss Jr. Well, there might have to be some renouncing… The Catholic ideal of Social and Economic Justice appears to not be shared by many of the Evangelicals. I suppose accepting that might require renouncing of ones prior opinion.
  • New Apologetics Brian T. Goss Jr. The Catholic understanding of social and economic justice proceeds directly from the belief that each human person is of infinite worth. The good (i.e. desirable) and beautiful aspects of any person’s non-Catholic worldview that recognize human dignity in any sense would only need to be amplified maximally in order to arrive at the Catholic position on social justice. Many dismiss such amplification as getting into the realm of “too good to be true” or are so accustomed to living with a diminished sense of dignity that they have not yet considered the possibility that God sees them as his equals. Perhaps the previous sentence might strike some as over the top, but it is part of the good news of the Gospel.
  • Andrew Joe Nelson Paul Cameron has a point with regards to his Catholic family and believing being good is enough. Many Catholics are in deep need of a conversion of heart towards Christ. Long lines for communion, but short lines for confession. Evangelicals may have the incomplete truth, but many are on fire for Christ, as I was before becoming Catholic. Many Evangelicals who become Catholic, bring the fire for Christ with them, which the Catholic Church desperately needs at this moment in time. Lastly, the Catholic Church can help others as it has helped me grow in humility, along with understanding the redemptive work in suffering.
  • Michael Vieira Yes, Baptized but not converted…The vineyard is large, the workers are few.
  • Michael Niczky