Conclusively Solving the Problem of Evil – A Discussion / Debate


Atheist philosopher Dan Linford has agreed to publicly discuss the problem of evil with New Apologetics. The aim of this dialogue / debate is to test the solution offered by New Apologetics to determine whether it is, in fact, the definitive solution to the philosophical / theological problem of evil. Our intention is to continue to respond to Dan’s questions and objections until there are no... Read More

The New Evangelization Series, Part I: The Atheists are Right


  You’ve probably heard the question, “Is the glass half-empty or half-full?” It’s a question that supposedly introduces a person to the perennial struggle between optimists and pessimists – one which is supposedly never to resolve. We’re taught that these are two divergent ways of seeing the world, and are led to believe them to be incompatible. However, if we approach... Read More

A Discussion / Debate between New Apologetics and Catholic Philosopher Michael Liccione on The Possibility of Theodicy


Catholic philosopher Michael Liccione ( has invited New Apologetics to respond to his 1999 article “The Problems of Evil” ( Our position at New Apologetics is diametrically opposed to the one expressed in the article to be critiqued. Dr. Liccione argues that theodicy is impossible. We at New Apologetics argue that... Read More

A Refutation of the Kalām Cosmological Argument

January 26, 2014 by  
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Prefatory Note: This contribution to the work of counter-apologetics is made strictly in service of intellectual honesty and is not intended to be an argument for atheism in any way. We believe it to be an essential aspect of free and honest inquiry that if some argument can be shown to be faulty, then the fault ought to be exposed without delay or compunction regardless of one’s allegiance to any... Read More